If We Ran Nintendo 2 (This is how WE launch the NX!)

**note we recorded this Saturday 4/23/16 before the announcements from the Nintendo investors meeting. Please be nice to us, lol**

With the announcement of the Nintendo NX not hitting till March 2017...Days before Sean and I tell you how WE would Launch the NX...

Welcome to "If We Ran Nintendo" episode 2!! Tonight we discuss how WE would launch the NX. We discuss in depth the remainder of the year and step by step how we would launch the NX. Then we talk about what Launch games we would have with the NX (Thanks Dalton Conger for the awesome question!!)

Thank you to Justin Masson (@Masson23 on Twitter) of the Nintendo Dads podcast (@NintendoDads on Twitter) for the awesome intro to the show!!

Do you agree? or disagree with anything we say? Let us know and we will be sure to start episode 3 off with your comments and emails!! (or tweets, lol)

We hope you enjoy this podcast and look forward to your feed back!!

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