If We Ran Nintendo 34 (Combining Nintendo Franchises)

Topic 1: (from Mason McNair creator of Amiiglows)With the switch coming it's an obvious replacement for the 3DS. If We Ran Nintendo, how would you transition staple 3DS games (Pokémon, animal crossing, street pass, fire emblem) over to the Switch?

Topic 2: (from Brendan Myers @Kingofdapirates) If We Ran Nintendo, if you could combine any games to make one ultimate game on a nintendo console what would games would combine. For me it would be taking the Xenoblade Chronicles X, Pokemon and Pokken Tournament. I would take how the world of Pokemon region Kanto but make it huge and vast as Xenoblade Chronicles X where their is so much to explore. I would then have the ability to play either as a regular Pokemon RPG, play like Xenoblade Chronicles X where you move around as the Pokemon in battle and press the buttons when you attack or chose the third option where you battle Pokemon like in Pokken Tournament.

Thank you to Justin Masson (@Masson23) of the Nintendo Dads podcast (@NintendoDads) for the awesome intro to the show!

Also Thank You to Gary Gray ( @GaryHarveyGray on Twitter) for animating out video intro to the podcast. Fantastic work man!

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