If We Ran Nintendo 38 (Helping 3rd Parties on Switch)

Shout Outs

Topic 1: [From Gary Gray] Seems a lot of the complaints is the cost of Super Mario Run. SO If We Ran Nintendo how would we have handled the pricing structure for Super Mario Run.

Topic 2: [From Brendan Myers] If We Ran Nintendo with 3rd parties now very interested in Switch. Most being non-existent with the Wii U. How would we handle the launch of Nintendo games vs 3rd Party Games?

Thank you to Justin Masson (@Masson23) of the Nintendo Dads podcast (@NintendoDads) for the awesome intro to the show!

Also Thank You to Gary Gray ( @GaryHarveyGray on Twitter) for animating out video intro to the podcast. Fantastic work man!

We hope you enjoy this podcast and look forward to your feed back!

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