If We Ran Nintendo 29 (NX becomes SWITCH)

If We Ran Nintendo Episode 29 *special edition* w/ Justin Masson of Nintendo Dads


-- The video package what were your thoughts on how Nintendo revealed the NX to us? -- the "switch controller" is this something you like? Do you see yourself using it? -- the different ways to Play using Switch.

  1. On tv with "switch controller"
  2. On tv with traditional Pro controller
  3. Play on the go with controllers attached to sides of screen.
  4. Play 2 players on portable screen each person taking a stick.
  5. Play mobile like with the "Wii feel".

-- The games we saw in the trailer...

  1. Breath of the Wild
  2. Skyrim??
  3. Mario Kart 8?? (Remastered/DLC)
  4. Basketball (EA)
  5. "New" Mario game
  6. Splatoon (new game or remastered)

-- kick stand thoughts

Also Thank You to Gary Gray ( @GaryHarveyGray on Twitter) for animating out video intro to the podcast. Fantastic work man!!

We hope you enjoy this podcast and look forward to your feed back!!

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