If We Ran Nintendo 30 (w/ Toby Thornton: What Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch?)

If We Ran Nintendo Episode 30 with Toby Thornton of The Geek Cast

Topic from Jonathan Brown (@PurpleM13 on Twitter) Nintendo Switch has been revealed along with the list of 3rd party companies who are supporting it. If you ran Nintendo, what games would you want to see on the Switch from each company?

**note this weeks show got a little glitches out for some reason. We apologize for anything that doesn’t sound good or is confusing.**

Thank you to Justin Masson (@Masson23) of the Nintendo Dads podcast (@NintendoDads) for the awesome intro to the show!

Also Thank You to Gary Gray ( @GaryHarveyGray on Twitter) for animating out video intro to the podcast. Fantastic work man!

We hope you enjoy this podcast and look forward to your feed back!!

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