Nintendo Nostalgia 40 (Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land)

Wow the Big 4 0 already?! Well thanks for joining us as we wrap up our dedicated month to the Game Boy. This final episode for the series kicks off with Jacob and co host/artist Kyle talking about some quick news updates on the Switch release for the upcoming Rayman game, Metroid Samus Returns amiibo functionality, and the debacle of Walmart releasing SNES Classic preorders on accident. We catch up on some games we've been playing then get to the main topic of the show Wario Land! Wario Land gave us the first look at who Wario really is as a character. Up until this point he had mainly been known as just a villain. So what would it be liking finally getting to play as the bad guy? We talk about the game itself and what separates it from Mario style games and how we hope Nintendo will continue these games in the near future. We hope you have enjoyed this dedicated Game Boy month, but get ready as we jump into the final full month of summer! Oh do we have some fun stuff planned! See yah next week! …

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