Nintendo Nostalgia 58 (The Great Debate: Mario Kart 64 vs. Diddy Kong Racing!)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our NEW type of episode the first of many "Great Debates!" This week its Mario Kart 64 vs Diddy Kong Racing! Who will win? Well after you have finished the episode YOU get to help finish this fight! Go vote on our poll in our community group page and tell us who you think won this debate! This is a very special episode and we want YOUR help in deciding the outcome to this debate. We hope you take part and enjoy this one! See yah next week!

Guest: Mark Carabin- (Warp Whistle Podcast)  @the_warpwhistle       @CaNERDianGamer     

Chelsey Capri-        @chelseycapri23   

Robbie Hutchinson-        @Stoic_Hero …

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