Nintendo Nostalgia 59 (Mario Kart DS)

Well welcome back a week after the great debate has settled and we're all still alive. A little sore from the battle but still alive. This week Ryan and Jacob get straight to what they have been Radical Rexin about. Jacob kicks it straight off with of course his thoughts on Yooka Laylee! It is long but what did you expect the game is FINALLY COMING TO NINTENDO! It's an exciting time not much complaining here! We talk about some other news as well as A Hat In Time, and the Jurassic World 2 trailer that's about to drop! Then we get to the topic at hand which is dedicated to our Mario Kart 64 opponents. Mario Kart DS is Ryan and Jacobs own personal fav. Mario Kart game. Why? Well dive in with us as we look back at this found gem on the Nintendo DS. …

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