The Nintendo PlayStation Podcast 20 (Was the Switch Half Baked at Launch???)

The Nintendo PlayStation Podcast episode 20


-- GEEK outs!!!

-- Topic 1: Nintendo Topic: With the 4.0 update for the Switch we are now allowed to use Sony Gold headsets (usb) and record small clips of games. This showing the Switch was a half baked console. What more do you think will be added as we move forward with the Switch?

-- Topic 2: PlayStation Topic:  With the new star wars single player story driven game being cancelled. Is this a sign of large single player games going away and being replaced with games as a service like destiny, overwatch etc.

** these can be flip flopped week to week in the 1 or two spot**

-- Hot Off The Presses: in this segment Toby will bring 3 Sony news stories, Bobby will bring 3 Nintendo News stories. Toby will pick the one Nintendo story he wants to hear and discuss. Bobby will pick the one Sony news story he wants to hear and Vice Versa.

-- What we are playing.

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