The Nintendo PlayStation Podcast 3 (Nintendo and Handling Fan Creations)

The Nintendo PlayStation Podcast episode 3


-- GEEK outs!!!


-- Topic 1: Nintendo Topic: With Nintendo acknowledging AM2R how do you feel about fan projects and Nintendo shutting them down? 

-- Topic 2: PlayStation Topic: Are Sony treating their back cataloguewell? Or are they missing an opportunity?

** these can be flip flopped week to week in the 1 or two spot**


-- Hot Off The Presses: in this segment Toby will bring 3 Sony news stories, Bobby will bring 3 Nintendo News stories. Toby will pick the one Nintendo story he wants to hear and discuss. Bobby will pick the one Sony news story he wants to hear and 


-- The REWIND: In this segment Toby and Bobby (if we have a guest they will be included) will discuss one Retro game and tell a little bit about the game. Discuss what it means to you and why others should give it a look.


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